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Certificate in Applied Counselling Studies

Have it your way… create a customized Certificate, or choose from the areas of specialization listed below.

Certificate of Applied Counselling Studies allows students to focus on vocational skill training in one specific area of the mental health field. A Certificate of specialization requires seven months of study on-campus or through distance education. The program consists of 9 courses (540 instructional hours totaling 36 credits). Each course is 3 weeks (60 hours) in length. Faculty members hold a Masters or Ph.D. degree or equivalent, and bring years of professional experience to the classroom. Instruction is collaborative, student-centered (geared to a variety of learning styles), community based and experiential. The curriculum has been specifically designed to include the following four components:

Employment preparation: KCPC's applied learning model teaches skills necessary for the competent practice of counselling. The level of training in the Certificate courses, coupled with students' prior learning and/or experience provides opportunities for greater income, job promotions, and continuing education credits toward professional development.

Academic preparation: Curriculum covers major theories and concepts drawn from psychology, social work, and counselling, in order to provide a broad information base for students who choose to continue their education in the University system.

Hands-on learning: Interactive skill-building exercises simulate mental health situations related to the course topic. Under supervision, students apply the latest theories and skills, which are readily transferable to employment settings.

Personal Awareness: Self-awareness is an essential characteristic of effective counsellors. Although not meant to be a substitute for professional counselling, each course provides students the opportunity to gain valuable personal awareness through skill development exercises, small group discussions, role plays, and conferencing with instructors.

Areas of specialization:

Customize your own Certificate*, or choose one of the following…

  • Community Agency Support Counselling
  • Life Skills Coaching
  • Pastoral Counselling
  • Personal Support Counselling
  • Sex and Intimacy Counselling
  • Youth and Family Counselling
  • Customize a Certificate for your area of interest (approval of Registrar required).

*All customized certificates must include 5 core courses, as required for a Certificate of Applied Counselling Studies.

Distance Education: Students may complete all or part of their course work through distance learning. Distance Education students practice counselling skills in the context of a supervised, volunteer placement setting with community or private agencies. This allows each student to develop a portfolio of job skills, with practical relevance for future employers.

Graduation Requirements: (on-campus and distance education)
In order to receive a Certificate in an area of specialization, students must:

  • Complete 9 required courses from their area of specialization.
  • Pass each course with a minimum of 65%.
  • Compile a portfolio of counselling skills relevant to the area of specialization.
  • Demonstrate competency in their chosen area of specialization by passing a comprehensive proficiency exam.

Please click on the link below to see required courses for each certificate:

Community Agency Support, Life Skills Coaching, Pastoral Counselling, Personal Support Counselling, Youth and Family Counselling, Sex and Intimacy Counselling

or Click here to customize your own Certificate

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