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Certificate in Sex and Intimacy Counselling Careers

Certificate in Applied Counselling Studies Specializing in Personal Support Counselling

Specializing in Personal Support Counselling


This certificate offers an overview of the basic competencies required to practice as a professional counsellor. The skills taught in this certificate are useful for those of you who wish to sample a counsellor training program; enhance your personal development; and/or incorporate select counselling skills into an existing career in education, healthcare, human resources, fitness training, etc.

NOTE : a short certificate program cannot cover all areas of competency required for employment or independent practice as a counsellor. To be sufficiently prepared for a career in counselling, we suggest you enroll in a Diploma or university program that provides the full scope of the necessary training. The courses featured in this certificate are transferable into KCPC’s Diploma of Applied Psychology and Counselling program.

Learning Objectives:

The Certificate specializing in Personal Support Counselling provides an overview of the information and techniques used to issues commonly encountered by entry-level counsellors. Each course focuses on theories and skill development specific to the course topic. You will learn and practice concepts such as:

  • Major personality theories and techniques used to assist clients with mild to moderate emotional or behavioral concerns.
  • Stages of individual and group counselling.
  • Designing a support group and/or psychoeducational workshop.
  • Ethical and legal considerations.
  • Interview and assessment procedures.
  • Reflective listening, empathy, and building a therapeutic alliance.
  • Assess and identify symptoms of psychiatric disorders.
  • Assess and determine scope of practice; make referrals to other professionals as needed.
  • Case management, treatment planning and goal setting.
  • Crisis intervention.
  • Hands-on experience in the use of various counselling techniques in roleplays and mock counselling sessions.
  • Self-care strategies.

Personal Support Counselling required courses:

(Each course is 3 weeks in length; the certificate to be completed in 7 months.)

  1. Introduction to Applied Psychology & Ethics
  2. Applied Counselling Skills I (Assessment & Listening Skills)
  3. Applied Counselling Skills II (Case Management, Goals & Interventions)
  4. Assessment of Psychological Disorders
  5. Conflict, Suicide, & Emergency Interventions
  6. Solution Focused Counselling
  7. Group Dynamics & Workshop Design
  8. Multi-Cultural Competence
  9. Psychology of Grief

While completing a counsellor training program at KCPC, students are required to volunteer or work in a mental health setting for 15 hours per month.

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