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Specialized Certificate in Applied Counselling Studies

students who have become counsellors

Create a customized Certificate, or choose from nine areas of specialization listed below.

How is a Certificate different from the Diploma?

The Specialized Certificate program (7 months in duration), is geared to students with prior learning and/or experience in the mental health field, and for those who intend to enhance their knowledge and clinical skills in one specific area of counselling. There are 9 courses required; each course is 3 weeks (60hrs) in length.

The Diploma in Applied Psychology and Counselling is a comprehensive, 1- year vocational training program designed to prepare students for entry-level careers in the mental health field. The program consists of 16 courses. Each course is 3 weeks, (60 hours) in length.

The curriculum for both the Certificate and Diploma programs includes the following:

  • Texts and videos are included in the cost of tuition.
  • All assignments can be completed online.
  • Volunteer position in a community or private mental health setting.

Employment preparation: KCPC's applied learning model teaches skills necessary for the competent practice of counselling. The level of training in the Certificate courses, coupled with students' prior learning and/or experience provides opportunities for greater income, job promotions, and continuing education credits toward professional development.

Academic preparation: Curriculum covers major theories and techniques drawn from psychology, social work, and counselling. This broad information base is necessary to build competency in clinical practice, and relevant for students who choose to continue their education in the University system.

Hands-on learning: Interactive skill-building exercises simulate mental health situations related to the course topic. Students learn the latest theories and skills, which are readily transferable to employment settings. A paid or volunteer position setting within a community or private agency allows each student to develop a broad professional network, and portfolio of job skills with practical relevance for future employers.

Personal Awareness: Self-awareness is an essential characteristic of effective counsellors. Although not meant to be a substitute for professional counselling, each course provides students the opportunity to gain personal insights.

What are the requirements to earn a Specialized Certificate?

  • Complete 9 required courses related to an area of specialization.
  • Pass each course with a minimum of 65%.
  • Compile a portfolio of counselling skills.
  • Demonstrate competency in the chosen area of specialization by passing a comprehensive proficiency exam.

What do you want to specialize in? Customize your own Certificate*, or choose one of the following areas of specialization…

For a complete list of the courses required for each area of specialization, click here for Specialized Certificate in Applied Counselling Courses and Electives.


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